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Pakistan has given full freedom to Azhar and his ilk to operate and expand terror infrastructure

Srinagar, Nearly 50 paramilitary CRPF soldiers were martyred in a a gruesome and barbaric terrorist attack in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Thursday for which Pakistan-based, Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed the responsibility. Jaish was launched in Pakistani port city of Karachi in 2000 and its chief Masood Azhar roams freely in Pakistan.Pakistani state has been proudly flaunting about its policy of anti-terrorism, but the fact remains that it has given full freedom to Azhar and other terror masterminds to operate and expand the terror infrastructure in the country. If Pakistan would have been really sincere in its so-called ‘war on terror’ then it should have stopped supporting terrorists and terror groups operating from its territory and dismantled terror infrastructure.But contrary to that terrorists are roaming like free citizens in Pakistan, holding public rallies, seminars, election campaigns and leading religious prayers. They are killing innocent people over and over again, from the Mumbai terror attacks to Pulwama – the Jaish-e-Mohammed killing machine has never learnt to pause for breath.These terrorists are even hurting Pakistani as well as Indians. So-called ‘Kashmir ki azaadi’ is not the motto or the goal for the terrorists, but their motto is far more heinous than that. If Pakistani intelligentsia know the nefarious designs of terrorists, then why this studied silence? The terrorists, who are killing innocent people are roaming free in Pakistan, raising men and women, who can kill more. Does this not bother Pakistani civil society? Aren’t they feeling that their government has taken advantage of their silence and whataboutery for so long? How long is long enough for Pakistani people? How long will they watch from the sidelines and let these terrorists munch on their biryani while our roads get soaked in blood?Make no mistake, the Pakistan government is weak enough not to withstand any concerted effort from Pakistanis themselves. One of the best solutions to this bloodshed is the Aam (common) Pakistani educated upper middle class holding the government and army responsible for their crimes against humanity. There is a saying “if you feed milk to a snake, you increase its capacity to produce venom, not nectar.” The snake of terrorism has already bitten Pakistanis so many times in the last one-decade and it they continue to remain silent, that day is not far when Pakistan as a country will disintegrate due to the misdeeds of these terrorists.Radical Islamic militancy is the cause, it’s an ideology, it is a well-entrenched system which will keep on producing terrorists on a conveyor belt, with the likes of Masood Azhar acting as catalysts. Let’s understand that dialogues, love, hugs, diplomacy, kisses and flowers are no match to counter an ideology that produces venomous snakes. The snakes that are biting us are in your backyards, dear Pakistanis. One day, they will bite you too.Will you for once raise your hand and your voice against these snakes — or shall we continue to debate about a ‘diplomatic solution’ in Kashmir?

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