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Qazi Yasir Calls for continious Shutdown

Deen Imran

Anantnag, Ummat e Islami held an extraordinary meeting which was presided over by General Secretary and was attended by the members of political wing at the party headquarters. The spokesman of the party asked people to observe a complete shutdown against the killing of Zahid on his “Chauhram”, the killing of 65 people in bijbehara in 93 on the same day, the beating of Yasin Malik and the arrest and atrocities against pro Freedom groups and youth. The members expressed grief and anger over the murder of Zahid Rasool and said he was an innocent who faced the wrath of indian extremism. The members paying glowing tributes to zahid said that zahid’s name will be written in the golden words of history whenever the Saffron terrorism will be discussed. The members castigated Mufti government to act as a stooge to Nagpur and to dance upon the tunes of his coalition partners for the sake of power. The government has unveiled a reign of terror in Southern Kashmir and elsewhere. The forces have been given a free hand to beat anyone on free will. The party here condemned the beating of Yasin malik and said the Indian state is frustrated and its fascist approach is exposed when the state muzzles all the peaceful opponent voices. The state should understand that yasin Malik is a face of a non violent struggle and beating him violently sends a wrong message. Its shameful that the state allows maltreatment to Pro resistance leaders, who in return are least bothered about the same. The members also condemned the attack on other Pro resistance leaders. The members here said that The party chairman, mirwaiz Qazi yasir has been arrested for the 5th time in since the last month. The state is trying to shrink his space, however the state should understand that they cannot shrink the space of the struggle he is associated to. Pertinently Mirwaiz qazi yasir was on the way to batengoo islamabad when he was arrested. Mirwaiz Yasir is the head preacher of south kashmir and no force on the earth can stop him from expressing and representing the right. The party denounced his arrest. The members narrating the past said that in 1993, 65 people were shot dead protesting the hazratbal seige. The Indian army showered peacefully protesting people with bullets on 22nd October, the Black Friday. Ummat e islami has had a routine to visit the martyrs graveyard in bijbehara and this year too the party will reach Bijbehara. The scars of 1993 are still fresh and our eyes hold tears and memories of that massacre which shall be wept only when the indian occupation ends. The members here said that CRPF troopers have unveiled barbarism in Islamabad, they have injured several and broken window panes of dozens of houses. Many youth from islamabad and elsewhere have been arrested and injured. The state claims that the troopers exercise maximum restraint, which is totally a hoax and a claim refuted by reality itself. The members at last appealed the people to observe a complete shutdown on 22nd October.

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