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PDP, BJP must explain delay in govt formation: Ambika

  • New Delhi, These people (PDP and BJP) should come out and say why the government is not being formed.   “It is the responsibility of the party which has the mandate to form the government in a democratic set up,” said Soni, Congress  General Secretary in charge of the state.   She said it should not take time for the two parties to form the government as they had already chalked out a roadmap earlier.  “People have cast their votes for a government for a period of six years. Unfortunately, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed passed away.

    But even  in such circumstances, the new government is formed in a week`s or 10 to 15 days` time because the roadmap or agenda or other things  would have been already discussed between the alliance partners,” said Soni.

    The Congress leader said it seems that BJP had made some promises to PDP just for the sake of coming to power but was now backtracking. “What is beyond our understanding is that (PDP president) Mehbooba (Mufti) has said a few times that BJP will have to take some confidence-building measures before government formation.   “We are surprised as to which promises has BJP not been able to fulfil.

    Perhaps they promised something to PDP for coming to power  but are now backtracking,” she said. Soni was here as part of a Congress team led by party treasurer MotiLalVora to take stock of the party`s organisational affairs and activities. .

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