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PDP-BJP continues to re-engage superannuated officials

SRINAGAR, The state government may have imposed ban on engagement of daily wagers and need based workers in different departments, but it continues to re-employ or re-engage retired officials without any fail.

In a latest case a retired head of a government department was re-employed on the first day of his superannuated life. The retired official passed just a day at his home and the next day he joined his new assignment.

In the order the government has said that the re-engagement has been necessitated due to the switch over to the new system of Pay and Accounts from the existing system of treasury. The re-employed officer retired as Director General, Accounts and Treasuries in Jammu & Kashmir.

“Sanction is hereby accorded to the engagement of Altaf Hussain Mirza, Ex-Director General, Accounts and Treasuries, J&K as Advisor cum consultant for smooth implementation of Pay and Accounts Office (PAOs) system till 31st April, 2018,” reads the government order number 34-FD of 2018.
The government order was issued on 01-02-2018. February 1 was the first day of retired life of Mirza since he superannuated a day earlier viz., January 31, 2018. The state government has laid down terms and conditions for the engagement of Mirza as advisor cum consultant.

In the government order it has been written that the Ex-Director General Accounts and Treasuries would draw pay equivalent to the last drawn pay minus pension and commuted portion of the pension. The order said that travelling allowance (TA) and dearness allowance (DA) would also be paid to Mirza.

According to the government order it has been said that TA/DA/Leave/Medical allowances would be admissible to the officer at his time of superannuation. It added that transport/accommodation would also be admissible to the officer at the time of his superannuation.

On proper analysis of the order it comes to the fore that there is a glaring mistake in the same. Although, the month of April comprises of 30 days the government order issued with respect to engagement of Mirza as advisor cum consultant mentions that the engagement would continue up to April 31, 2018.

Whether the typist has erred or the mistake is a deliberate one only time can tell.

Interestingly the officer who has put in his signature has also failed to note the mistake. The re-engagement is bound to cause some heartburn in the department more so at a time when the government claims that it is against any re-engagement or re-employment of a retired official.

In the meantime, the department has issued a separate order according to which Director General, J&K Funds Organization, Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Wani has been appointed as Director General Accounts and Treasuries.

Wani would also continue to hold the charge of DG J&K Funds Organization.

It would be in place to mention here that PDP-BJP government is no different from the previous government when it comes to re-employment of retired officials in the state. The state government has re-appointed many officials during the three years of its rule.

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