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We welcome every nation’s mediation on Kashmir: Shabir Shah

‘Naidu’s threatening remarks reveal India’s expansionist designs’

Srinagar, Strongly reacting against the NDA government’s vice-presidential candidate Venkaiah Naidu’s threatening remarks, the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah on Mondaysaid the claims of J&K being India’s integral part are not baseless but also reveal India’s expansionist designs.

In a statement issued to press, Shah termed Naidu’s remarks as far from reality and said India is trying to continue the uncertain situation in the region.

On Naidu’s remarks that not a single inch of J&K would be given to anyone, Shah said Indian leaders can issue such statements on other states of India not Jammu Kashmir which is a disputed territory awaiting resolution.

“Such statements carry no weight and tantamount to adding fuel to fire. Threatening neighbouring nations of serious consequences reveals the mindset of New Delhi and its stubbornness. The nations India is targeting are more advanced than it in nuclear technology and if God forbid any war takes place, it will destroy everything and alter the geography of some nations,” he said.

Asserting that dialogue is the only way to resolve issues, Shah said those hell bent on resolving disputes through force should bear in mind that since 1971, the scenario of world politics and balance of power has entirely changed.

“Since BJP has come to power in India, it is issuing threats to neighbours including China but fails to overcome the poverty as more than half of India’s population lives under below poverty line and are homeless while as Delhi spends major portion of its budget on defence procurement. It is dreaming of annexing the whole world,” he said.

Shah suggested India’s political parties and intellectuals to ponder over where the present rulers are pushing India towards. He said Kashmir issue is the main impediment in India’s progress and development.

Shah made it clear that Kashmiris are fighting for their birth right to self-determination and world nations are committed to support those fighting against the illegal occupations. “Indian prime minister Narendra Modi should think above his party BJP,” he said.

On Naidu’s ‘1971’ threat to Pakistan, Shah said it has been clear now that it was India that conspired against Pakistan and played a crucial role in dividing it.

Shah appealed to China, Russia, US, Iran, EU to interfere in Kashmir dispute and said “we welcome every nation that offers mediation role on Kashmir”

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