Daily Archives: September 13, 2018

Kakriyal Gunfight: Police Version

Srinagar, Police on Thursday issued a following a statement regarding the Police on Thursday issued the following statement about the Kakriyal gunfight saying that on Wednesday at about 0805 hours during checking by flying squad at Domail, Police Party signaled a truck bearing No.JK03-1476 which was on its way from Jammu ...

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Root causes of unrest in Xinjiang

by Allabaksh China’s official mouthpiece Global Times, has carried three articles recently on Xinjiang, relating to the threat posed by terrorism and religious extremism and what steps need to be taken to ensure ethnic unity. All three articles are propaganda pieces aimed at Western audiences to inform them that China ...

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Pathan PM has a Pathan problem

Farooq Ganderbali Prime Minister Imran Khan, a Pathan himself, will face one of the biggest challenges in dealing with the rising anger of his community, most of which is targeted at Khan’s patrons, Pakistan Army. The Pashtun community in Pakistan, especially those living in the frontier areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ...

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