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 ‘Fear Is Coming Back’ as Sri Lanka Enters Crisis

By Maria Abi-Habib &DharishaBastians  When Sri Lanka’s president was elected in 2015, he was given a sweeping mandate from voters to investigate accusations of war crimes and graft against his predecessor’s government and to cancel deals with China that had plunged the country into debt. Now the president, Maithripala Sirisena, ...

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Imran Khan’s high ambitions, low ability

By Samuel Baid The tragedy of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was that the Prince of Denmark had much a bigger emotion of revenge than the objective correlative to let it out.  A similar tragedy seems to be threatening to hit Pakistan where the present Prime Minister is burdened with a heavier ...

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Pakistan may not always be silent over Uighur persecution

By Samuel Baid Amid world’s outcry against the never-ending persecution of Uighur Muslims in China’s province of Xinjiang, Pakistan has at last officially broken its silence albeit mildly, in order to register its timid protest. But a section of English-language newspapers went at it hammer and tongs perhaps reflecting the ...

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Taliban and Jaish-e- Mohammad: Continued support from China

By Samuel Baid The mouthpiece of Jaish-e-Mohammad, (JeM) a terrorist organisation, has called the terror ideologue Jalaluddin Haqqani a very “pious person” who was “the mountain of the resistance”.  The Taliban announced his death in the first week of September. JeM’s weekly mouthpiece Al Qalam paid Jalaluddin rich tributes in ...

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Journalism’s battle for survival

Huge increases in paper prices, delayed payments for advertisements, and cuts in government expenditure on advertising, have all affected genuine newspapers, like this one. It is no secret that most media houses these days are a side concern of a huge business interest. These interests range from cooking oil, college ...

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